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Feng Shui Tips for Your Kitchen

Feng Shui (say “fung shway”) associates the kitchen with both health and prosperity. Couple this perspective with the role of the kitchen as “the heart of the home,” and you can see that any feng shui problems in this room can have a significant impact on your family. Here are some quick tips for improving…
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Getting Ready For Company

Focus on the important areas You won’t be entertaining in the master bedroom , so there’s no need to clean there. Shut the doors to any rooms that aren’t company worthy, then get everything else ready to sparkle: living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Clean up clutter Grab a basket and a trash bag…
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Why You Should Hire A Cleaning Service

Health Keeping the office and home clean keeps sickness away. Especially in an office, where there are so many people working in a small space. Not everyone is organized and has good hygiene. So, hiring professional cleaning services will help ensure that these issues do not cause unhealthy conditions in the office that lead to…
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Christmas Cookie Recipes

Holiday Cutout Cookies Recipe photo by Taste of Home HOLIDAY CUTOUT COOKIES RECIPE The only limit to these fun cutouts is your cookie cutter collection and your imagination! If you prefer crisp cookies, sprinkle with colored sugar before baking and skip the frosting MAKES: 120 servings TOTAL TIME: Prep: 20 min. Bake: 5 min./batch  …
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7 Ways To Be More Thankful

  1. Appreciate the things you have. Coach John Wooden emphasized the importance of being thankful by quoting Lao Tse: “Freedom from desire leads to inner peace.” He also added his own words of wisdom: “The great secret of life is to cultivate the ability to appreciate the things we have, not compare them.” Coach often encouraged…
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Quick Cleaning Tips

Banish Marks From Coloring Time Toothpaste will erase marker stains from wood — a handy trick to have in your back pocket if you’ve got creative kids. Garbage Disposal Run a few lemons and cold water through the garbage disposal to dispel bad odors. Kids Crayon Art On Walls Use a wet sponge dipped in…
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Top Cleaning Mistakes

1. You don’t follow the “top to bottom” rule. If vacuuming is your least favorite chore, it can be tempting to get it out of the way first. But if dusting the top shelf (or cleaning the ceiling fan) is your last task for the day, dirt will likely fall over your freshly vacuumed carpeting.…
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Halloween Safety Tips

10 Trick or Treat Safety Tips Go During Safe Trick Or Treat Times You don’t have to wait until it is pitch-black outside to go trick-or-treating. A good trick or treat time is right after an early dinner and just before dusk when you can keep better track of your children and you are able…
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10 Things You Can Clean In The Dishwasher

1. Kitchen exhaust filter Avoid getting messy, gunky oil buildup on your filter by cleaning it in the dishwasher once a month or as often as your range hood manufacturer recommends. The high temperature combined with a good detergent should be sufficient to cut through tough grease without any effort on your part. 2. Dish…
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Time and Money Saving Tips

Coffee Grounds Use your morning pick-me-up to eliminate odors in the fridge. Simply place coffee grounds, new or used, in a bowl on a shelf. Replace them every two months for a fresh, slightly caffeinated smell. White Vinegar Keep your dishwasher extra clean with white vinegar. Pour ½ cup into the detergent cups and run…
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